Stretched Ceilings

Stretched ceilings and walls - the latest trend in the contemporary interior design.

Stretched Ceilings

Designers all over Europe already range the stretched ceilings and walls among common technologies, thanks to which they can create unique and modern environment in any interior.

It is a solid foil which has a plastic moulding connected to its edge. In the room where the stretched ceiling is supposed to be situated, aluminium profiles are fastened to the wall or the ceiling circumferentially. Subsequently, the space in the room must be heated up to approximately 60 °C and afterwards the foil gets fixed to the profiles at the edges by means of the plastic moulding. Thanks to its firmness, elasticity and low weight, the foil is suitable for spaces of any surface. The stretched ceiling is in no way limited by the shape of the ground plan.

Stretched ceilings can create the feeling of comfort and stylishness in any space, they will inspirit the space with the unique atmosphere of cosiness and warmth. If you have a hot hand when choosing the colour and texture of the foil, you can optically extend even the smallest room. This is possible thanks to the mirror effect, since the glossy foil reflects up to 85 % of the light! Even the eye of an expert cannot distinguish a matte or satin foil from stucco or plasterboard. There is just one difference - unlike stucco, the foil creates an ideally flat surface of your ceiling.

Stretched ceilings and walls are suitable for any interior, they enable a combination of various styles and, at the same time, are extremely easy to maintain: it is sufficient if you wipe off the surface of the stretched ceiling with soapy water and your ceiling will regain its original look.

Stretched ceilings and walls – it is more than a game with light and texture: it is also a game with shape. Thanks to its structure, the foil can be stretched from various angles and it is possible to create smooth, fractional and curved surfaces to make a wavy or multilevel ceiling, or to create cones, ovals, arches and balls. It is possible to combine all these shapes. You can create incredible futuristic structures at your home, in your office or in a restaurant.


A wide range of colours, hues and textures of the Lackfolie ceilings goes beyond the fantasy of even the most demanding and experienced customers. Moreover, it is possible to apply your own customized photographs or pictures on the ceiling as well as to make use of various lamps and diffuse lighting (imitation of the “starry sky”). All of these will create unique visual effects and change your ceiling into a rare artistic masterpiece.

It is possible to print the foils with a picture of your choice or one from a catalogue. Thanks to the transparent foil we are able to produce the so called shining ceilings which leak the light installed above the ceiling and thus imitate daylight.

100 % humidity resistance

The stretched ceiling neither soaks nor leaks humidity. Thanks to this attribute, it is suitable for spaces with higher humidity (e. g. swimming pools or bathrooms). In case of flooding of your apartment, we will operatively remove the uncomfortable effects. We will carefully remove the water by means of a special equipment and will carry out the assembly - the effect will be the restoration of the original look of the ceiling.

Strength and elasticity

The stretched ceilings hold up a body of water up to 100 litres pro m². At the same time, the foil is resistant to various deformations and vibrations and does not lose its initial shape over time.


Considering its soundproofing attributes, the stretched ceiling does not deteriorate the acoustic possibilities of a given space. On the contrary, some types of the foils are able to improve the acoustics, that is why stretched ceilings are an ideal solution for concert halls, recording studios etc.

Thermal isolation

The airspace which comes into being after the assembly between the foil and the basic ceiling helps to keep warmth within the space. That is the reason why the stretched ceiling is suitable for levelling down of ceilings which are too high.


Over time, the foil maintains its original quality, does not lose the colour, does not fade, does not get yellow and does not crack. The stretched ceiling is easily washed by soap water.


Thanks to a thin teflon layer, the stretched ceiling repels dust and the condensate does not agglomerate on it.

Fire safety

It is impossible to set the foil on fire and it does not endorse burning, therefore it is suitable for spaces with maximal demands concerning fire safety.

Frost resistance

The stretched ceiling endures temperatures up to -5 °C and it is even possible to assemble it in unheated spaces.


The stretched ceiling foil is made from ecologically pure materials which neither smell nor emit harmful substances. Its quality is validated by the relevant certificates.

Minimal weight

The stretched ceiling has a very low weight and is thus suitable even for large-surface spaces.

The minimal lowering of the ceiling is 3 cm.

The Lackfolie stretched ceilings are suitable both for an apartment with low ceilings and for spaces with a need of lowering the ceiling by a couple of metres.

Simplicity of the assembly

The Lackfolie stretched ceiling is assembled easily and quickly, with no need to move out the furniture or a subsequent cleanup.

The Lackfolie stretched ceilings are suitable for any interiors.

It is a matter of course to utilize the stretched ceilings into residential spaces such as:

  • living rooms
  • bedrooms
  • childrenʼs rooms

The stretched ceilings will provide the space with the necessary luxury or, on the contrary, with simplicity, their original look and easy maintenance will certainly be useful in

  • shopping centres
  • offices
  • restaurants
  • clubs and bars.

The stretched ceilings are ideal for spaces with higher humidity or specific demands for cleanliness and sterile environment such as:

  • Swimming pools, bathrooms, wellness
  • Beauty salons, rehabilitation clinics, fitness centres
  • Buildings for pharmaceutical and grocery industry
  • Kindergartens, schools and pre-school establishments

Thickness of the foil:

  • 0,18 mm
  • 0,20 mm
  • 0,38 mm (for sanitation)

Weight of the foil:

  • from 120 g/m²

Strength of the foil:

  • 46-50 g/m² (respective degree of reflex 35-85 %)

Surface of one ceiling:

  • up to 80 m² (for buildings with large ceiling surface, several sheets are made by means of separating profile)

Weight that the foil can hod up: up to 100 kg/m².


  • up to 70 °C

Minimal lowering of the ceiling: 3 cm (width of the montage profile).

  • Glossy («mirror effect» – maximal reflex)
  • Matte
  • Structured matte (imitates the look of stucco)
  • Transparent
  • Perforated

We work with foils from Germany (RENOLIT, PONGS) and Belgium (PTMC). We buy them directly from the producer and thus the possibility of forgery is eliminated. The quality of the foil is validated by relevant tests and certificates. Our ceilings do not have any unpleasant smell, they do not emit harmful substances, they dispose of a steady reflectivity and are very firm, thanks to which the supporting construction of the ceiling does not shine through. The foils for the Lackfolie stretched ceilings meet the European quality standards.

The quality of the stretch ceiling does not only depend merely on the high quality foil, but also on the aluminium, other plastic decorative profiles and other accessories. We work with the best materials which provide the needed quality of your stretched ceiling.

Production and mounting of the Lackfolie stretched ceiling proceeds within a maximally short period of time. It is possible to mount the stretch ceilings in the classical dwelling space within one day without the necessity of moving out the furniture and the subsequent cleanup of the space.

We produce the LACKFOLIE stretched ceilings directly in the Czech Republic. Every single Lackfolie stretched ceiling is made to measure completely according to the clientʼs demands.

We guarantee that your ceiling will not lose its original look and the joints will stay intact within ten years after the mounting. The warranty for pursuits related to the assembly of a stretch ceiling is 36 months.